Session 2

Wednesday (May 5):
10.00-11.30 AM ET


Bertrand de Franqueville

(U of Ottawa, Canada)



Kristian Steiner

(Malmö U, Sweden)

Fighters’ Motivations for Joining Extremist Groups: 

Investigating the Attractiveness of the Right Sector’s Volunteer Ukrainian Corps

*co-authored with Khalil Mutallimzada (Uppsala U, Sweden)


Eleonora Narvselius

(Lund U, Sweden)

Bandera Reaffirmed: 

A Radical Nationalist Icon in Post-Maidan Ukraine


Mattias Nowak

(Lund U, Sweden)

Occident Lost: 

National Conservative Intellectuals and Cultural Wars in Contemporary Poland


Sara Svensson

(Halmstad U, Sweden)

Radicalism and Moderation at the Edges of the Nation: 

Attitudes to Fences and Re-Bordering in Hungary



Julian Junk

(Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany)


Radicalization of Nationalism

in Central and Eastern Europe 

Wednesday May 5, 10.00-11.30 AM ET

Central Europe