Session I

Thursday (May 2):
9:40 - 11:40 AM


Klavdia Tatar

(U of Ottawa, Canada) 


Gabrielle Hermann

(Corvinus U, Hungary)

National Identity Construction of American Hungarian Diaspora Organizations 

and its Implications on their Choice of Advocacy Goals and Strategies  


Svetlusa Surova 

(Comenius U, Slovakia) 

Diaspora Policies in Visegrad Countries as a Challenging Factor for the Nation-State

Ieva Birka

(U of Latvia)

Engaging the Diaspora for Economic Gain: What Can Latvia Expect?


Olga Cara 

(U College London, UK)

Negotiating Ethnicity in Diaspora: 

A Case of Academic Achievement of Latvian Pupils in England

Andrei Korobkov

(Middle Tennessee State U, US)

The Russian Elite Diaspora Abroad:

Its Scale, Dynamics, and Structural Characteristics


Stephen Deets

(Babson College, US)


Diaspora Politics of Central Europe

Thursday May 2, 9:40 - 11:40 AM

Central Europe

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