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Responses to Migration in Central Europe 


Julija Sardelić 

(Victoria U of Wellington, New Zealand) 




Jan Kovář 

(Institute of International Relations Prague, Czechia)

How Political Parties Framed Immigration During the European Migrant/Refugee Crisis:

Evidence From the Individual Level in Central Europe


Maija Grizane

(Daugavpils U, Latvia) 

Searching for New Identities:

Belarusian Migrants on Latvian-Belarusian Borderland in 1920s-1970s

*co-authored with Irena Saleniece (Daugavpils U, Latvia)


Gabriel Iulian Lataianu 

(CUNY Queensbororough Community College, US)

Destination Romania: Romanian’s Attitudes towards Recent Refugees and Economic Immigrants

*co-authored with Bruno Stefan (Politehnica U of Bucharest, Romania)


Slawomir Lodzinski 

(U of Warsaw, Poland) 

Concept of Polishness and Ambivalence Towards Immigration:

Evolution of the Criteria for Recognizing a Foreigner as a Pole in the Period 1988-2018

*co-authored with Ewa Nowicka (U of Warsaw)



Alena Alamgir

(Georgia Tech, US)

Thursday May 5, 8.30-10.00 AM ET 

Central Europe

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