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Session 6

Friday (May 19):
12.00-1.40 PM
Room 402


Brent Hierman

(Virginia Military Institute, US)



Esuna Dugarova

(Columbia U, US)

Socio-Economic Dynamics in Eurasia in the Aftermath of Ukraine’s Invasion:
the Cost-Of-Living Crisis and Policy Responses in Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia


Oya Dursun-Ozkanca

(Elizabethtown College, US)

Soft Balancing in Central Asia:
Impact on Regional and Global Orders


Marat Uraimov

(Corvinus U of Budapest, Hungary)

Uncovering the Relationship Between Chinese Loans and
Kyrgyzstan’s Leadership Dynamics Amidst Domestic Rivalries

Yann Breault

(Royal Military College Saint-Jean, Canada)

Free Trade between Sanctioned States:

The Challenges of the Eurasian Economic Union-Iran Economic Partnership


Ikromjon Tuhtasunov

(U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, US)

Support for Democracy Among Uzbek Residents in the US: 

Evidence from the Green Card Lottery




Dave Siegel

(St. Joseph’s U, US)

Eurasian International Relations

Friday May 17, 12.00-1.40 PM  Room 402 

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