Imagining the Balkans

in a Post-Western Global Order


Thursday May 2, 9:40 - 11:40 AM 

Session I

Thursday (May 2):
9:40 - 11:40 AM


Francine Friedman

(Ball State U, US)


Stefano Bianchini

(U of Bologna, Italy) 

A New Eastern Question? Disruptive Memories, 

Problematic Dialogue and the EU Decline


R. Craig Nation

(Dickinson College, US) 

The Past as Prologue?  

Great Power Engagement in Balkan Europe


Julie Mostov

(NYU, US) 

Fading Dreams of Democracy in the Shadow of Authoritarian Closure


David Kanin

(Johns Hopkins U, US) 

Adjusting the Security Cap:  

Regional Dynamics in the Context of Western Entropy



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