Memories of Victory and Defeat 

in Croatia and Serbia

Wednesday May 5, 10.00-11.30 AM EST 

Session 2

Wednesday (May 5):
10.00-11.30 AM EST


Mila Dragojević

(U of the South, US)



Jelena Đureinović 

(U of Vienna, Austria)

Marching the Victorious March: 

Populism and Memory Appropriation of the Yugoslav Partisans in Today’s Serbia


Gruia Bădescu

(U of Konstanz, Germany)

Materialities of Bitterness: 

Ruins, Reconstructions and Narratives of Victory and Defeat


Sven Milekić

(Maynooth U, Ireland)

The Myth of a Good King: 

Franjo Tuđman and King Aleksandar in Veterans’ Eyes


Ana Ljubojević

(U of Graz, Austria)

Contested Narratives of Bleiburg in the Context of World War II
Remembrance in Croatia



Nikolina Židek

(U of Madrid, Spain)


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