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Saturday May 20, 1.40-3.40 PM Room 501B


Gwendolyn Sasse

(Humboldt U/ZOiS, Germany)




Viktoria Sereda

(U Catholic U, Lviv/Forum of Transregional Studies, Berlin, Germany)

Displacement and (In)visibility:

Reconsidering Civil Society Response 


Oksana Mikheieva

(U Catholic U, Lviv/Europa U Viadrina, Germany)

Immobility, (In)visibility and Social Disappearance: 

Invisible Victims, Unmourned Deaths


Sabine von Löwis

(ZOiS, Berlin, Germany)

Challenges and Chances of Serial Interviews and

Mental Mapping Techniques in Researching Displacement in/from Ukraine


Magdalena Nowicka

(German Centre for Integration and Migration Research)

(In)visibility, European Racisms and Displacement from Ukraine: 

Troubling Colourism through Research


Hanna Vakhitova

(Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine/Syddansk U, Denmark)

Should we Stay, or Should We Go? How does a Sense of Belonging and 

Links to a Home Country Shape Flows out of and to Ukraine in 2022

Displacement and (In)visibility
Methodological Challenges in
the Study of Displacement in/from Ukraine



Session 8

Saturday (May 20):
1.40-3.40 PM
Room 501B
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