Thursday May 2, 2:00 PM (Lunchtime)

The Cacophony of Donbas

Russia, 2017 (61 min.)

The film explores the creation of the myth about the Donbas by using archive footage from documentary and feature films. The plot develops along two planes. The first is life through the eyes of Soviet propaganda and the Donbas as a showcase of ideology. The second is real life, hidden from unwelcome eyes. The film uses archive footage and recordings of interviews with former Donbas residents who witnessed Russian aggression and became its victims. Life promised to become a symphony of work, joy and welfare, but turned out to be a delusion and a manipulation. Now there are no illusions left. 

“The Cacophony of Donbass sheds new light on our era
of post-truth and fake news.” 

—Premiere (France)


Igor Minaev


Jean-Marie Vauclin, Zelig Films 

In Russian with English subtitles

Session II

Thursday (May 2): 2:00 PM (Lunch) 
HARRIMAN INSTITUTE (12th Floor, Open Space)


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