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Koen Slootmaeckers
(Queen Mary U of London, UK)
Does Pride Still Matter?
Analysing the Domestic Consequences of
European Politics that Created the Belgrade “Ghost” Pride 


Koen Slootmaeckers

ASN 2017 Doctorals Papers Awards


Egor Lazarev
(Yale U, US)
The Politics of Legal Pluralism: 
When and Why Do Governments Promote Customary and
Religious Legal Orders in the North Caucasus? 
Egor Lazarev
Mark Kettler
(U of California Berkeley, US)

Colonial Object or Staatsnation:

German Assessments of Polish Nationhood

in the First World War

Central Europe

Mark Kettler
Yu Sasaki
(U of Washington, US)
Publishing Nations: Technology Acquisition
and Language Standardization for European Ethnic Groups 


Yu Sasaki
Marthe Handå Myhre
(U of Oslo, Norway)

Forced Migrant “Compatriots” from Ukraine:

Encountering Russian Migration and Citizenship Regime


Marthe Myhre
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