Friday May 3, 3:00 PM

Before Father Gets Back

Georgia, France, Germany, 2018 (75 min.)

More Georgians are being radicalised and leaving to fight in Syria. Their children grow up in a fatherless environment. This is the world in which the film’s two teenage protagonists, Eva and Iman, grow up. The small and remote Pankisi region has traditionally been inhabited by moderate Muslims, but in recent years the adherents of Wahhabism, the fundamentalist form of Islam, has grown dramatically. It was in this region that the director came to teach a film production course at a local school. Eva and Iman record their everyday lives while waiting for their fathers. No one knows if they will ever return.

“Many films have described the Jihadists and their violence,

but none have given a voice to the families left behind.” 



Mari Gulbiani


Jasmina Vignjevic, Syndicado

  In Georgian with English subtitles

Session VII

Friday (May 3): 3:00 PM ROOM 1201


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