Friday May 3, 1:30 PM (Lunch) / Saturday May 4, 1:40 PM

Flight of a Bullet

Russia, Latvia, 2017 (80 min.)

Across a single unbroken take, Flight of a Bullet captures the ethical minefield of documentary filmmaking within the quickly changing contexts of a conflict zone. Director Beata Bubenec took 400 hours of footage during two weeks embedded with the Ukrainian volunteer military group Aidar Battalion in the hotly contested Donbas region. Suspecting that a Ukrainian man who questions the director’s right to be filming is a separatist, the group — against Bubenec’s wishes — capture and interrogate him. From the fast-paced capture and tense interrogation to the mundane aspects of battalion life, this documentary provides a unique insight into the role of the eyewitness.

“Notable for being a war doc in which the war is an off-camera character – ever-present but never front-and-center,” 

—Lauren Wissot, Global Comment


“In many ways the finished film is also about the vulnerability of being the only woman surrounded by men.” 

—Beata Bubenec


Beata Bubenec


Beata Bubenec


 In Russian with English subtitles

Session VI

Friday (May 3): 1:30 PM (Lunch) ROOM 1201

Session VI

Saturday (May 4): 1:40 PM ROOM 1201


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