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Thursday May 4, 5:30 PM


Keep Quiet

UK/Hungary, 2016 (95 min.)

A staunch Hungarian nationalist and anti-Semite, he is one of the main faces of his own extremist political party, even representing it in the European Parliament. For him, Jews are the greatest evil. And then it happens: he talks with his grandmother and learns that he himself is a Jew. This is the true life story of Csanád Szegedi. For this leading figure of the Hungarian extremist Jobbik party, it came as a shock. His whole world caved in. He visits Auschwitz. Gradually, the anti-Semite becomes a practicing Jew. This film tracks the life transformation of a man whom almost everyone stopped believing.

“Fascinating (...) [with] an air of thriller-like drama” 



“Expect plenty of spirited arguments to break out after screenings” 

–Hollywood Reporter


Sam Blair


Joseph Martin


Estelle Grosso, Kino Lorber 


In Hungarian with English subtitles 

Film 5
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