Thursday May 4, 5:30 PM


Keep Quiet

UK/Hungary, 2016 (95 min.)

A staunch Hungarian nationalist and anti-Semite, he is one of the main faces of his own extremist political party, even representing it in the European Parliament. For him, Jews are the greatest evil. And then it happens: he talks with his grandmother and learns that he himself is a Jew. This is the true life story of Csanád Szegedi. For this leading figure of the Hungarian extremist Jobbik party, it came as a shock. His whole world caved in. He visits Auschwitz. Gradually, the anti-Semite becomes a practicing Jew. This film tracks the life transformation of a man whom almost everyone stopped believing.

“Fascinating (...) [with] an air of thriller-like drama” 



“Expect plenty of spirited arguments to break out after screenings” 

–Hollywood Reporter


Sam Blair


Joseph Martin


Estelle Grosso, Kino Lorber 


In Hungarian with English subtitles 

Session IV

Thursday (May 4):
5:30 PM  
ROOM 1219

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