Friday May 3, 3:00 PM

Meuthen’s Party

Germany, 2018 (92 min.)

Seemingly easy-going economics professor Jörg Meuthen is running for parliament on the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party ticket. A behind the scenes view of his successful campaign reveals the true character of a man who, with a smile on his face, promotes racist tendencies within society. Aware that some extreme right-wing politicians are viewed as rabble-rousing idiots, Meuthen presents himself as a serious politician who relies on facts rather than emotions. He does not hesitate to accept a young student director’s offer to shoot a documentary closely following his activities. The film provides unembellished evidence of just how pervasive his rhetoric has become.

“It won’t leave you all fired up, but rather sick and worried, with eyes and ears better trained for the seeping, creeping ascent of the European right.” 

—Jutta Brendemühl, POV Magazine


Marc Eberhardt


Sigrid Gairing

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

   In German with English subtitles

Session VII

Friday (May 3): 3:00 PM ROOM 1302


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