Session 3

Wednesday (May 5):
1.30-3.00 PM ET


Kristin Fabbe

(Harvard Business School, US)



Marilena Anastasopoulou 

(U of Oxford, UK)

Coming to Terms with Forced Migration: 

An Intergenerational Study of Asia Minor Refugee Memory in Greece 


Georgios Kritikos 

(Harokopio U, Greece)

Women Refugees in Interwar Greece:

From Unredeemed Greeks to “Children of a Lesser God”


Semih Gokatalay 

(UC San Diego, US)

Negotiating Collective Memory, History, and Nationhood in Trade Fairs:
An Economic and Cultural Reappraisal of Greek-Turkish Relations in the Interwar Period


Nota Pantzou 

(U of Patras, Greece)

Greek Political Exiles and the National Narrative:
From Outcasts to Heroes

*co-authored with Elena Mamoulaki (U of Patras)

and Katerina Anagnostaki (U of Crete, Greece)



Anna Triandafyllidou

(Ryerson U, Canada)


Refugees, Political Exiles and Memory 

in the Aegean

Wednesday May 5, 1.30-3.00 PM ET 

Turkey & Greece