Session 2

Wednesday (May 5):
10.00-11.30 AM ET


Ceren Belge

(Concordia U, Canada)



Gözde Böcü

(U of Toronto, Canada)

In the Eye of the Receiver: 

Determinants of Turkey’s Foreign Policy Success in Central Asia

*co-authored with Colleen Wood (Columbia U, US)


Arianne Ekinci 

(UNC Chapel Hill, US)

East Turkestanis and the Limits of Ethnic Citizenship 


Eldad Ben Aharon

(Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany)

Meanings of Genocide Recognition in Identity Politics and Global Citizenship:

Why Turkey’s Denial of the Armenian Genocide Confirms 

the Effectiveness of Norm Globalisation

Mehmet Kurt

(Yale U, US)

Religion and Nationalism in the Turkish Mosques Abroad:

A Comparative Case Study of the UK and the USA



Juliette Tolay

(Penn State Harrisburg U, US)


Turkish National Identity 

in the Transnational Sphere

Wednesday May 5, 10.00-11.30 AM ET 

Turkey & Greece