Session 8

Friday (May 7):
10.00-11.30 AM EST


Kristin Fabbe

(Harvard Business School, US)


Ronay Bakan

(Johns Hopkins U, US)

When the Place Resists: Politics of Neoliberal Urbanism


Harun Ercan 

(Binghamton U, US)

Nationalism and Democratic Collapse: 

Dynamics Behind Authoritarian Transformation in Turkey


Ilker Corut 

(Potsdam U, Germany)

The Impact of Anti-Intellectualism and Right-Wing Populism in Turkish Social Policy Processes:

The Case of Compulsory Public Service of Physicians 


Adem Ince 

(Siirt U, Turkey)

Kurdish Pupils’ Perception of Atatürk

Ceren Belge

(Concordia U, Canada)


Repression and Governance

in Turkey’s Kurdish Provinces 

Friday May 7, 10.00-11.30 AM EST 

Turkey & Greece

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