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Bertrand de Franqueville

(U of Ottawa, Canada)



Per Ekman

(Uppsala U, Sweden)

State Building, Polarization and Political Leadership:

Explaining Successful and Failed Reforms in Georgia and Ukraine

After the Color Revolutions


Sophie Schmäing

(U of Giessen, Germany)

Participatory Democracy or Service Delivery?

The Roles of Citizen Participation in local Decision-Making Processes in Ukraine


Oleksandra Keudel

(Freie U Berlin, Germany)

Variety of Local Social Orders in Ukraine:

A Systematic Assessment of Political and Economic Competition in 24 Large Cities


Kirill Melnikov

(Institute of Philosophy and Law, Russia)

Formal Power in Informal Networks: Problems of Measurement 

and Patterns of Distribution in Russia’s Regional Bureaucracy




Sophia Wilson

(Southern Illinois U Edwardsville, US)


National and Local Governance

and Democratic Reforms

Saturday May 7, 8.30-10.00 AM ET 


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