Friday May 3, 1:20 PM (Lunch) / Saturday May 4, 4:10 PM


Switzerland, 2018 (72 min.)

Rehearsals for a play about the ethnically-motivated murder of a Serbian teenager in 1991 gradually turn into collective psychotherapy. Croatian stage director Oliver Frlji uses the play to expose the unprocessed traumas of war—in contemporary Croatia, these traumas are still at the root of threats and bullying aimed at children with Serbian roots. A 12-year-old girl appearing in the play reveals that when she discovered she was Serbian, she cried. Why are such young children even aware of their ethnicity? Why must they hide their origins? The process they are going through is one that Croatia as a nation may experience.

“Set against a backdrop of hate and xenophobic violence, Srbenka feels perfectly in tune with the current global moment.”



Nebojša Slijepčević


Zrinka Kosar, Restart

 In Croatian with English subtitles

Session VI

Friday (May 3): 1:20 PM (Lunch) ROOM 1302

Session XI

Saturday (May 4): 4:10 PM ROOM 1201


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