Friday May 3, 5:20 PM / Saturday May 4, 12:00 PM (Lunch)

The Distant Barking of Dogs

Denmark, 2017 (91 min.)

Oleg, 10, lives with his grandmother near the front lines in the Donbas war. While mortar blasts often echo through the air and many residents have already fled, Oleg and his grandmother are sticking it out. The boy waits for the war’s end while playing with his cousins, but sometimes children’s games mirror the violence of the adult world. The director succeeds in filming the conflict from a child’s perspective. He does not take political sides; rather, by focusing on private drama, he reveals the ravages of war in their saddest, most universal form. This portrait of a troubled childhood is heartbreaking.

“Finds beauty and horror on the bleeding edge of war.” 

—Hollywood Reporter


The Distant Barking of Dogs was shortlisted
(top 15 world documentaries) for the 2019 Academy Awards (Oscars).


Simon Lereng Wilmont


Nathan Minsberg, Film Platform

 In Russian, Ukrainian with English subtitles

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Friday (May 3): 5:20 PM ROOM 1219

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Saturday (May 4): 12:00 PM (Lunch) ROOM 1219


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