26th Annual World Convention of the

Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN)

International Affairs Building,

Columbia University, NY


Sponsored by the Harriman Institute

4-7 May 2022



Call for Proposals

Proposal deadline: 17 November 2021


Proposals must be submitted to:

darel@uottawa.ca and darelasn2022@gmail.com

Key points

  • The 2021 Convention, held entirely online across time zones, was a huge success, setting a record for the number of panels (around 170) and participants (close to 1000). 


  • The 2022 Convention will be held over four days. The first day (Wednesday May 4) will take place entirely online. Depending on the decision made by Columbia University authorities, the following three days (May 5-7) may be held both online and in person – or entirely online.


  • Applicants sending proposals (individual, panel, roundtable) must indicate which of three options they prefer: (a) in person, or online if the Convention cannot be held in person, (b) online only, (c) in person only. 


  • If the Convention can be partly held in person, online participants will be able to attend in-person panels on Zoom. 


  • Applicants will be notified of the status of their proposals by the end of January 2022, by which time the logistics of the Convention will be known. Applicants whose proposal is accepted will then receive all necessary practical information about the Convention.


  • Panel length will remain as it was in 2021 — 90 minutes. Presentations will be limited to 12 minutes.


  • The schedule will take into consideration the time zones of panelists who will be joining online.


  • All panel chairs will be selected by the Program Committee – which is why forms for panel proposal or roundtable do not include an entry for chair.


  • All presenters (whether on panels based on written papers, roundtables, or book panels) will need to register and purchase/renew their ASN membership in order to take part in the Convention. 


  • Discussants on panel proposals will have their registration and membership waived — they will not need to register and acquire a membership, unless they are presenting on another panel (panel based on a written paper, roundtable, or book panel).


  • As before, most of the panels will be structured around presentations based on written papers. There will also be book panels, roundtables, film screenings and special events.

The Scope of the Convention

The ASN World Convention, which brings together 750+ scholars from 50+ countries annually, welcomes proposals on a wide range of topics related to nationalism, national identity, ethnicity, indigenous and racialized groups, conflict and migration in regional sections of Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, and cross-regional sections in nationalism studies and migration/diaspora studies.


In addition to the thematic sections on populism/radicalism, memory, violence, indigenous and racialized groups, and nationalism and the pandemic, popular themes over the years have included gender, language, religion, EU integration/exit, security, nation-building, energy politics, parties and elections, youth, media, and civil society.


Disciplines represented include political science, history, anthropology, sociology, international studies, security studies, area studies, economics, geography, literature, and other fields of the humanities and social sciences.


Prospective applicants can get a sense of the large thematic scope of ASN Convention papers and presentations by looking at the 2021 Convention Program. 

Applying to the Convention

To send a proposal, fill out a Fact Sheet online, download the relevant form below and send it by attachment to darel@uottawa.ca and darelasn2022@gmail.com.


Applying to the Convention: Five Categories

  • Accepted individual paper proposals will be included in panels created by the Program Committee.


  • A panel proposal is comprised of up to four panelists whose presentations are based on written papers, as well as a discussant.


  • A roundtable proposal includes four presentations not based on written papers and generally addresses ongoing events (such as a recent election or protest) or issues pertaining to research methods and challenges.


  • A book panel proposal is based on a monograph published in 2020, 2021 or early 2022. Panel proposals about co-authored books will be considered. Edited volumes have fewer chances of being accepted.


  • Film proposals will be considered for documentaries produced between 2019-2022 (since the pandemic has not allowed us to show films since 2019). Our ability to screen films will depend on whether a portion of the Convention can be held in person.

Applying to the Convention: Guidelines

In a nutshell: applicants may not appear on more than two panel proposals (three if one is a book panel), including one presentation based on a written paper (whether as a single author or co-author).


  • Only ONE paper proposal per applicant will be considered, whether as an individual paper proposal or as part of a panel proposal. This applies to co-authors as well as single authors. If your name appears on more than one paper as either single author or co-author, you will be asked to choose which proposal you want the Program Committee to consider.


  • Applicants may appear on a maximum of TWO proposals (and only ONE paper proposal). For example, you can submit an individual paper proposal, and be a discussant on a panel proposal. If your name appears on more than TWO proposals, you will be asked to choose, unless the third panel is a book panel. This rule does not apply to film proposals.


  • Panel proposals can only include single-authored papers.


  • Proposals for panels, roundtables or book panels do not include a chair. The Convention Program Committee will select all the chairs.

Convention Outreach

Publishers and other companies wishing to advertise in the Convention online program can contact ASN Executive Director Ryan Kreider at rk2780@columbia.edu

The ASN website is at:



The ASN Convention website is at:



To follow us on Facebook, go to:



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We very much look forward to receiving your proposal!
  • Dominique Arel, ASN Convention Director

  • Lisa Koryushkina, ASN Communications Director

  • Alexandra Wishart, ASN Convention Assistant Director

  • On behalf of the ASN Convention Program Committee and Organizing Committee

(to be sent to both darel@uottawa.ca AND 
darelasn2022@gmail.com in a single attachment).