Saturday May 5, 12:00 PM (Lunch)

Eternal Life

Russia, 2017 (58 min.)

Why do people stay in the city during the war? The protagonist puts this question to those he meets in Donetsk. The answers, the frames showing ordinary, trivial things done by citizens of Donetsk are like pieces of a puzzle that shows the life of the isolated city. Doing what they did before the war and what they would do after its end, the people stand up to the very idea of the war. Why people that just yesterday were citizens of that country take up arms and kill each other? How war change their minds? 


Alexey Telnov


Evgeniya Chulkova, Antipode

In Russian with English subtitles

Session X

Saturday (May 5): 12:00 PM (Lunch) 
ROOM 1219

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