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Another Story of the Russian Revolution



Thursday May 4, 5:30 PM



France, 2016 (90 min.)

Lenin is a troubling figure. He won the Revolution like a prophet. He persistently demanded what finally happened: a successful Bolshevik insurrection. Since his victory changed world destiny, he quickly became a legendary hero, visionary and omniscient. The film seeks to deconstruct this “heroic illusion.” To understand how Lenin finally seized power, one must look at the Revolution itself from up close. A Revolution is first and foremost an incredible and uncontrollable torrent, where uncertainty prevails and shatters everything in its midst. Renowned historian Marc Ferro and political scientist Michel Dobry, an expert on political crises, acted as consultants for the film.

“A documentary far more abrasive than its title would promise (...) with exceptional archival images” 

–Le Monde


“It did not happen like Eisenstein presented it” 

–France Inter


Cédric Tourbe


Julie Rhône, Agat Films


In French with English subtitles 

Film 6
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