Thursday May 4, 10 AM


Let’s Play War

Estonia, 2016 (74 min.)

While there are less and less World War II veterans among the living, the battles of this war keep reoccurring on different battlegrounds in Eastern Europe. Young Estonian men Andrey and Reimo have gotten killed several times in these fights. Each time they resurrect, because these are the rules of the game they play along with their comrades. Enthusiasts join such clubs because of their appreciation for the memory of WWII. SS-Untersturmführer Reimo leads the 20th division of Waffen-SS, Sergeant Andrey marches in advance of the Red Army’s 11th Rifle Division. The fight for history goes on with arms in young men’s hands. 

Meelis Muhu’s previous film, 

PMR-in a State of Limbo

was shown at ASN 2015.

Session I

Thursday (May 4):
10 AM  
ROOM 1201


Meelis Muhu


Meelis Muhu, Oy in-Ruum

In Estonian and Russian with English subtitles


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