Saturday May 6, 10 AM


Ukrainian Sheriffs

Ukraine/Germany, 2015 (85 min.)

In a rural village in southern Ukraine, the tragicomic sheriff duo Viktor and Volodya has to solve crimes such as the theft of two ducks. The other main problems are neighbor disputes, drunkenness, physical abuse and car breakdowns, and many of them have their roots in the prevalent unemployment, poverty and illiteracy. When the mayor gives a speech, his audience consists mainly of children and old women. The seasons pass until political developments reach the village by way of the TV screen, sowing separatist discord. Around the time of the celebrations for Ukraine’s independence, the men of the village are drafted into the army.

Special Jury Award at at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam


“An arresting experience” –Hollywood Reporter


Roman Bondarchuk


Michaela Cajkova, Taskovski Films


In Russian and Ukrainian with English subtitles

Session IX

Saturday (May 6):
10 AM  
ROOM 1201

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