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Friday May 5, 4:40 PM


Women of Maidan

US/Ukraine, 2016 (66 min.)

The film is about the role of women during the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in 2013-2014. It takes viewers behind the scenes to one of the most riveting international news stories in years. Women courageously filled the streets, energized the nation, and sustained the protestors for over two months. The women became the heart of this spontaneous revolution. These Women of Maidan join history’s female revolutionaries who selflessly sustained political movements by providing love, nourishment, and care during desperate times. The film features dozens of interviews with Maidan women from all walks of life: students, nurses, professionals, pensioneers, and musicians.

Director Olha Onyshko will take part in a Q&A after the screening. Her previous film (Three Stories of Galicia) was shown at ASN 2011.


“Maidan is a call for women to awaken, to see the power in their collective wisdom and strength” 

–Olha Onyshko


Olha Onyshko


Olha Onyshko

In Ukrainian and Russian with English subtitles

Film 15
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