Thursday May 4, 12:20 PM


One Night in 2012

UK, 2016 (100 min.)

The story of London’s Olympic Opening Ceremony, as seen through the eyes of its artistic director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours), his creative team and just some of the thousands of volunteers who worked to make it happen. The documentary relates how they united in the face of a cynical nation and produced a warm-up act like no other. The opening ceremony had little to do with sport, but was rather a brilliant evocation of British national identity. A film that deserves attention from scholars of nationalism.

“An insight into a moment of national pride (...) a monument to a type of the British self-image” 

–The Telegraph


“[Boyle resisted to] make Britain’s defeat of fascism take centre stage” 

–The Independent


Angie Mason


Angie Mason, Rogan Productions, BBC


English language

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