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Session 4

Thursday (May 16):
5.20-7.00 PM
Room 418


Angela Kachuyevski

(Arcadia U, US)




Zsuzsa Csergo

(Queen’s U, Canada)

Sources of Resilience against Russia’s Revisionist Agenda :

Transnational Norms, State Sovereignty, and the Political Agency of Ordinary People


Szabolcs Pogonyi

(CEU, Austria)

Kin-Minorities as Hostages and Bargaining Chips in Times of War


Myra Waterbury

(Ohio U, US)

Unity vs. Fragmentation : Assessing National Minority
and Kin-State Politics after Two Years of War in Ukraine


Jennie Schulze

(Duquesne U, US)

Resecuritization and Mobilization: Minority Politics in the Shadow of War 

Two Years of War in Ukraine
Nationalism and Minority Politics in the Region 


Thursday May 16, 5.20-7.00 PM  Room 418 

Central Europe

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