Session 8

Friday (May 7):
10.00-11.30 AM ET


Jennie Schulze

(Duquesne U, US) 



Ronnie Olesker

(St. Lawrence U, US)

Ontological Security and Social Boundaries: 

Studying Kin State Activism


Angela Kachuyevski

(Arcadia U, US)

Kin State Activism: 

Studying Social Boundaries in Ukraine and Latvia


Ellie Knott


How to Study Kin-States? 

Methodologies of Kin-State Nationalism


Zsuzsa Csergő

(Queen’s U, Canada)

Kin-State Support as a Double-Edged Sword


Myra Waterbury

(Ohio U, US)

Divided Nationhood and Multiple Membership: 

A Framework for Assessing Kin-State Policies and Their Impact


Kin-States in Central and Eastern Europe

How and When They Matter


Friday May 7, 10.00-11.30 AM ET

Central Europe