Session IV

Thursday (May 2):
6:00 - 8:00 PM


Ju Li

(Central European U, Hungary)


Elena Marushiakova

Vesselin Popov 

(U of St Andrews, UK)

 “Letter to Stalin“: Roma Visions on Gypsy Policy in the Early USSR


Raluca Bianca Roman

(U of St Andrews, UK) 

“The Voice of the Roma”? National Identity, Ethnic Building

and Regional Politics Within Roma-Led Publications in Interwar Romania


Sofiya Zahova

(U of St Andrews, UK) 

Romani Self-Representation in the “Gypsy Newspaper” of Interwar Yugoslavia


Aleksandar G. Marinov

(U of St Andrews, UK) 

Roma Civic Emancipation as Reflected in the Journal

of the Gypsy Lore Society in the Interwar Period


Brigid M. O’Keeffe

(Brooklyn College, CUNY, US) 


Roma Civic Emancipation between 

the Two World Wars

Thursday May 2, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Central Europe

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