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Julija Sardelić 

(Victoria U of Wellington, New Zealand)




Eszter Kovács Szitkay 

(Ludovika U, Hungary)  

Access to Justice Under COVID-19 in Hungary


Julija Sardelić 

(Victoria U of Wellington, New Zealand) 

Developing Into Equal Citizens? Methodological Whiteness, 

Local Histories and the Position of Roma as Citizens


Gwendolyn Albert

(Roma Education Support Trust, UK) 

Compensation Mechanism for Forcibly Sterilized Persons in the Czech Republic:

The Contribution and Experience of Romani Women


Svetluša Surova 

(Bratislava Policy Institute, Slovakia)

The Analysis of the Measures that Quarantined Roma Settlements

in the First and Second Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic in Slovakia

From the Right Based Approach




Andras L. Pap

(CEU, Hungary)

Structural and Institutional Discrimination
Roma in Central Europe

Saturday May 7, 8.30-10.00 AM ET

Central Europe

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