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Historical Nation-Building in Central Europe

Saturday May 20, 4:00-6.00 PM Room 405

Session 9

Saturday (May 20):
4:00-6.00 PM
Room 405


Yesim Bayar

(St. Lawrence U, US)



Anca Glont

(U of Dayton, US)

Everything and Everyone in its Place:

Property and People in the Habsburg Model Communities of Jiu

Mark Lewis

(College of Staten Island, CUNY, US)

Trails Leading Nowhere? Austrian Police Surveillance of Polish and Russian Anarchists
and Socialist Revolutionaries after the “Zurich Bomb Affair” of 1889


Thomas Szigeti


Learning the Rules of “Fair Play”:

‘English’ Influences on Hungarian State-Building, 1867-1918


Nelu Cristian Ploscaru

(Alexandru Ioan Cuza U, Iasi, Romania)

Alexander Bezborodko and "Restitutio Daciae" in the 1780s:

The Meanings of a Famous "Unionist" Political Project in Romania


Bradley Woodworth

(U of New Haven, US)

Historian in the Baltic Provinces in Service of the Tsarist State:

The Work of Gustav von Ewers (1779-1830)




Stephen Deets

(Babson College, US)

Central Europe

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