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Russian Presence in European Domestic Politics
Through Radical Movements


Friday May 17, 10.00-11.40 AM  Room 418 

Central Europe

Session 5

Friday (May 17):
10.00-11.40 AM
Room 418


Bertrand de Franqueville

(U of Ottawa, Canada)




Klementina Kozma

(Pázmány Péter Catholic U, Hungary)

Nationalism and the Rise of Far-Right
in Romania


Máté György Vigóczki 

(U of Pécs, Hungary)

Russia’s Transforming Malign Influence
in Central-Eastern Europe


Sandor Seremet

(Hungarian Institute of Foreign Affairs)

Nation-Building in Ukraine and its Influence
on Relations with Neighbors


Miklós Teszáry

(Centre for Geopolitics, Corvinus Collegium, Hungary)

The Presence and Activities of the Far-Right Russophile Parties
in Montenegro

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