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Mariia Shuvalova

(U of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine)



Ekaterine Pirtskhalava

(Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State U, Georgia) 

Identity Strategies of Georgian Migrants in Germany 


Léo Henry

(EHESS, France) 

Immersion in a Dominant National Habitus: How Does Nationality Contribute 

to the Reproduction of Social Classes at School in Estonia?


Zsuzsa Plainer

(The Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities) 

Social Inclusion in Theory and Practice: Educational Programmes (Reserved Places for Roma;

Training Programs for School Mediators) and Experiences of Upward Mobility

in the Case of Roma in Romania


Liliya Karimova

(Northern Virginia Community College – Annandale, US)  

Carving out Third Space in Tatarstan, Russia: Alternative Education as a Path

to Imagining Alternative Ways of Being Among Ethnic Tatars

*co-authored with Kamil Nasibullov (Kazan Federal U, Russia)



Nadia Kaneva

(U of Denver, US)

Social Aspects of Minority Life  

Thursday May 5, 10.30 AM-12.00 PM ET

Central Europe

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