Session III

Thursday (May 2):
3:40 - 5:40 PM


Siobhan Kirkland

(George Washington U, US)


Erin Hofmann

(Utah State U, US)

The Question of Return Among Turkmen Educational Migrants

Nicole M. Butkovich Kraus

(Rutgers U Newark, US)

Citizenship, Migration, and Xenophobia in Russia

Laura Dean

(Milikin U, US)

Diffusing Human Trafficking Policy in Eurasia

Catalina Hunt

(Franklin & Marshall College, US)

War and Migration in 19th Century Eurasia: The Case of the Crimean Tatars

Cynthia Buckley

(U of Illinois Urbana, US)

Nativity, Ethnicity and Language:

Untangling Determinants of Migrant Health in the Russian Federation


Lisa Koryushkina

(Williams College, US)


The Eurasian Migration System

Thursday May 2, 3:40 - 5:40 PM 


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