Wednesday May 5, 10.00-11.30 AM EST

Session 2

Wednesday (May 5):
10.00-11.30 AM EST


David Stroup

(U of Manchester, UK) 



Fatih Cetin

(UMass Amherst, US)

Racial (Dis)enfranchisement as a Distinct Act of (De)democratization: 

A Comparative Historical Analysis of the United States, Germany, and Austria


Cody McCall

(U of Edinburgh, UK)

Revolutionaries First: The Black Panther Party and Nationalism


Rituparna Ray Chowdhury

(Rishi Bankim Chandra Evening College, India)

The Management of the English Colonial Home: 

Keeping Up with the Indigenous Domestics


Victoria Seta Cosby

(Queen’s U, Canada)

Examining and Understanding the Emotional Bond of Sisterhood: 

The Dobbs Sisters from Upper Canada to India



Neeraj Prasad

(O. P. Jindal Global U, India)


Race and the Nation

Nationalism studies

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