Friday May 5, 11:20 AM


The Displaced Ukrainians

UK, 2017 (105 min.)

Travelling throughout Ukraine, artist Mark Neville documents Ukrainians who have been displaced by the occupation of Crimea and the war in Donbas. He makes a series of filmed, silent, slow motion sequences which visually reference the conventions of Soviet realism in 20th century painting and photography. The film is a visual meditation upon the concept of a constructed national identity. Interviews are conducted in Zhytomyr, Kyïv, Kharkiv and in areas of Donbas controlled by Ukraine. The film accompanies a new research survey undertaken by ZOIS on Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine and Russia.

Sponsored by the Ukrainian Museum


The film was commissioned by Gwendolyn Sasse, Director of the Centre for East European and Studies (ZOIS) in Berlin, Germany.


Mark Neville


Mark Neville 

In Ukrainian, Russian and English with English subtitles

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Friday (May 5):
11:20 AM  
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