Saturday May 6, 3:30 PM 

The European

The Netherlands, 2016 (90 min.)

Two years in the life of Frans Timmerman, the Dutch vice president of the European Commission. And two years in the limelight (and behind the scenes) in the European political apparatus, which culminates with the shocking Brexit last summer. The European is a portrait of a dedicated European at work at a period of drama and upheaval. And with a busy schedule, where interviews with the CNN and a visit to a Greek refugee camp are just some of the items on the agenda. A film about faith in diplomacy and international cooperation at a time when both are under enormous pressure.

Session XI

Saturday (May 6):
3:30 PM 
ROOM 1201


Dirk-Jan Roeleven



Michaela Cajkova, Taskovski Films


In Dutch and English with English subtitles 


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