Session 10

Saturday (May 8):
8.00-9.30 AM EST


Lisa Koriouchkina

(Williams College, US)



Tatiana Riabova

(Herzen State Pedagogical U, Russia) 

The Symbol of Childhood as a Weapon of Political Struggle: 

The Coverage of the Russian Protests 2018-2019


Sofia Tipaldou

(U of Manchester, UK)

“All for One, One for All”: Strategies of Nationalist Dissent Under Putin   


Leila Wilmers

(Cornell U, US) 

Narrating the Unity and Continuity of the Russian Nation 

in Diverse and Globalized Cities


Hanna Vasilevich

(Centre for Linguistic Diversity Studies, Czech Republic)

The Role of History and Culture in the 2020 Post-Presidential 

Protest Movement in Belarus



Guzel Yusupova

(North-West Institute of Management RANEPA, Russia)


Challenging and Unifying National Identities 

in Russia and Belarus 

Saturday May 8, 8.00-9.30 AM EST 


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