Session III

Thursday (May 2):
3:40 - 5:40 PM


Adrian Karatnycky

(Atlantic Council, US)


Klas-Göran Karlsson

(Lund U, Sweden)

Bloodlands History Lessons

Adrian Cioflanca

(Center for the Study of Jewish History, Romania)

Mass Killings and Sexual Violence during the Holocaust in Transnistria

Victoria Khiterer

(Millersville U, US)

The Babi Yar Massacre and Commemoration of the Holocaust

in Modern Ukraine

Daria Mattingly

(Cambridge U, UK)

The Question of Jewish Perpetrator in the Holodomor


Markian Dobczansky

(Columbia U, US)


The Jewish Question and Mass Violence

in Ukrainian History

Thursday May 2, 3:40 - 5:40 PM 


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