A Personal Affair

Thursday May 4, 12:20 PM 

Friday May 5, 4:40 PM


Golden Dawn A Personal Affair

Greece/France, 2016 (90 min.)

A French-Greek journalist is delving into the organization of the Greek neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn.” The financial collapse, political instability and the family relations of the political elite are placed into the spotlight as the documentary tries to uncover what’s in the minds of Golden Dawners, who pose as victims of the system. Golden Dawn never hid its ideology. The director is looking into the matter through her personal obsessions, her concerns and fears, after dedicating many years and two other television documentaries on the neo-Nazi party, which has finished third in the last Greek elections after three decades of obscure but violent activity. 

Session II

Thursday (May 4): 12:20 PM  ROOM 1219

Session VIII

Friday (May 5): 12:20 PM  ROOM 1201


Angélique Kourounis



Loukas Stamelios, Omnia TV


In Greek and English with English subtitles 


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