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Academic Knowledge in the Context of
Center-Periphery Relations

The Case of Belarus after 2020

Friday May 19, 9.00-11.00 AM Room 409


Emma Mateo

(Columbia U, US)


Anton Saifullayeu

(U of Warsaw, Poland)

Belarus in Post-Soviet Studies and Slavic Studies

within Western Academic Discourse Before and After 2020


Iwona Reichardt

(Jan Nowak-Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe, Poland)

Is the West Listening to the Voice of the Polish Expert?

Analysis Within the Framework of the Belarusian Case


Ludwika Włodek

(U of Warsaw, Poland)

Western Theories - Post-Communist Realities:

On the Question of a New Theoretical Framework for Eastern Europe


Maxim Rust

(U of Warsaw, Poland)

Trends in the Development of Belarusian Studies in Poland after 2020


Session 4

Friday (May 19):
9.00-11.00 AM
Room 409
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