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The Balkan States
Between Sovereignty and Dependency

Saturday May 20, 4.00-6.00 PM Room 402B

Session 9

Saturday (May 20):
4.00-6.00 PM
Room 402B


Francine Friedman

(Ball State U, US)




David Kanin

(Johns Hopkins U, US)

Not So Final Statuses: The Persistence of Stunted and Challenged

Sovereignties in the Post-Yugoslav Space


Stefano Bianchini

(U of Bologna, Italy)

The Open Balkan Project Facing Sovereignty or Dependency Dilemmas


James Gow

(King’s College London, UK)

Ukraine, Defence and NATO: Impact on Central and Eastern Europe


Milica Uvalic

(U of Perugia, Italy)

Effects of the Russian-Ukraine War on Western Balkans Economic

Integration with the European Union


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