Session XI

Saturday (May 4):
4:10 - 6:10 PM


Ariane Larouche

(U of Ottawa, Canada)


Elena Borisova

(U of Manchester, UK)

‘Citizenship is Better than Just a Labour License’:

Changing Meaning of Citizenship in Post-Soviet Tajikistan

Adrienne Edgar

(UC Santa Barbara, US)

Intermarriage after Communism: The Impact of the Soviet Collapse

on Ethnically Mixed Families in Tajikistan and Kazakhstan

Dilnur Reyhan

(INALCO, France)

The Uyghur Question and Integration of Uyghurs in Europe

Zulfiya Imyarova

(Narxoz U, Kazakhstan)

Assimilation Process of the Minorities Within a Minority:

A Case Study on Chinese Muslims (Uighurs and Dungans) in the South of Kyrgyzstan


Lawrence Markowitz

(Rowan U, US)


Ethnicity and Citizenship in Eurasia

Saturday May 4, 4:10 - 6:10 PM 


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