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Agathe Dudzinski

(U of Ottawa, Canada)



Andreea Cârstocea

(European Centre for Minority Issues, Germany)

Socio-Economic Rights of National Minorities in Europe:

Conceptions of Equality and Participation in the Monitoring of the

Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities


Janos Fiala-Butora

(Legal Studies Institute, Hungary)

Minority Rights in the 21st Century: 

An Illiberal Turn in the Council of Europe?


Dragana Svraka

(U of Florida, US)

Ethnic Party Success: 

Why Some Minorities Form Ethnic Parties and Others Do Not?


Peter Dan

(Long Island U, US)

The Consequences of Populism: 

The Inevitable Resurgence of Antisemitism



Ana Bracic

(Michigan State U, US)


National Minorities

and the Far Right in Europe

Thursday May 5, 10.30 AM-12.00 PM ET

Nationalism studies

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