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Friday May 5, 11:20 AM


The Unforgiven

Finland/Denmark, 2017 (75 min.)

In 1992 Esad was an 19 year old Muslim boy who became a guard in the prison camp of Celibici in Bosnia where they kept Serbs imprisoned. Esad became an executioner and he tortured and killed prisoners. He was arrested in 1996, judged by the International Criminal Court, and sentenced to 15 years of prison. He was released in 2006, lives in a suburb of Helsinki and works as a cleaning assistant. In 2015, Esad returns to the scene of his crime in Bosnia. He needs to seek forgiveness among those he betrayed, because without it Esad will never be able to find his way back to life.

Shown as a Sneak Preview

“In his return from a war life, the common man is met with isolation, trauma and a slow descent into oblivion”



Lars Feldballe-Petersen


Maëlle Guenegues, Cat & Docs  

In Bosnian/Serbian and English with English subtitles

Film 12
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